Forgive Them!

One Friday… this Friday… as he hung in unthinkable pain he looked down, then lifted his voice to his Abba.  “Father forgive them, they don’t know what they are doing”. Growing up I always believed that he was talking about his crucifixion. He was forgiving them for his torture, his humiliation, his pain.  Through contemplation I have come to know what he was surely saying;  I love them and I know they are unaware of who you truly are.  They are so lost in their own beliefs and in their own journey that they are stumbling. They don’t even realize what is true… what is right.  They are walking blind in the direction of you with no real knowledge of how to find you.  They have allowed themselves to be misguided, and deceived, by those claiming to know you. Those claiming your name, but not really knowing your heart. Not really knowing your compassion.  He was talking about me! He was talking about you!  I firmly believe Jesus was worried about not being here to teach further.  Not being here to let us learn from his example.  So the Holy Spirit was his way of continuing to teach us.  To influence us.  To lead us to his Father.  To help us understand the true nature and love of God.  Each day as we live, and breath in the spirit, direction is given. If we take time to be still… to rest in the spirit… the heart of God will shine thru.  Then we will know what direction to walk in. Then Jesus will no longer need to ask for our forgiveness.  

Matthew 17:27  

I Love You!


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