Stop and Listen!

Do you remember 9/11?  Most can tell you what they were doing…  where they were…  As I think on disasters, I find one thing to be true.  It brings people back to God.  After 9/11 churches were full.  Children that had lost their way to God, found him again.  We have a God… that wants our love.  He wants our devotion. He wants our trust.  Just like a parent he will do what is needed to gain that love… that trust.  

He had been blind from birth.  With some simple spit and a little mud he could see again.  Could Jesus have healed him without the dirt? Without the spit? Of course!  But Jesus wanted to see the young man’s faith…  the young mans trust…  

In scripture, as now, he allows our suffering and asks us to trust him.  On the back of our dollar bill it says “In God We Trust”.  Do we really?  As a minister, I’ve been asked,  “what does this all mean?”.  Turn back to God! Turn back to his word! Turn back to trusting him!  You want everlasting peace?  You want continual comfort?  You want nonstop healing?  That can’t be found anywhere but in the arms of our Savior.  He is talking…  he is pleading…  it is time we stop… and listen. 

Psalms 46:10 / John 9:1-7

I Love You!


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