Love and Happiness!

All my adult life I can’t pass a homeless person on the street and not help.  It’s not just money they desire, but many times it’s wanting someone to care.  Truly homeless, down trodden people, care more about being noticed, than they do about money.  Money is helpful, but if you take the time to talk to them it brightens their day. In Hebrews Paul talked of entertaining angels! You can not know, and will not know, if one is so. Love of God, and of humanity, are not two separate things. As if one could love God but shun humanity. Compassionate action reflects, and mirrors, the divine image. Love is not an emotion or obligation but is God present in the soul.  I witness so many people who profess Christianity, and yet shun the very people who are looking for shelter and refuge from their troubled lives.  Who among them could be angels?  Who among them could be Jesus?  Was Jesus not a refuge at the age of two to escape sure death?  Everyday I work with people who work hard, ask for nothing other than a paycheck.  They are the most productive people I know, and they love their families, just as i do. I help anyway I can, but as it turns out all they want is to be given a job.  Love and happiness does not live in a secure society or robust economy.  It doesn’t live somewhere else.  It lives in us.  God simply asks that we give it away to ALL his children.  Hebrews 13:2

I Love You! Perry

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