So Many and Yet One!

So many! As I stand on 16th street in Denver, so many people. Sitting. Standing. Walking. I try to see each one. I don’t want to see a forest… I want to see a tree! So many, that it would be easy to look at them as a crowd, but I desire to see a person. To notice each. To try to see Christ in this one and that. As he stopped to ask if I had a cigarette, I noticed his face was severely disfigured. He was missing his nose along with other scars. Now homeless… I asked if he could use some money. My heart aches as I think, but for the grace of God… go I. If I had a handicap such as his… would I be on the street, as well? Did he turn to drugs to run from the pain? Did he turn to the street to escape the ridicule. I tried to visit with him, but he was gone as fast as he came. I would have told him that one day there will be no more scars. One day his nose would be whole again. For now, all I can do is pray, that he finds peace in our Savior. Our Savior always saw the person… and not the crowd. I pray that he blinds me, to the mass of people, and leads me to the one that needs a kind word. We can make a difference… we just have to take the time. Luke 15:4

I Love You!

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