Where Is Happiness?

We spend our lives in search of another moment of happiness.  If we can just travel to this location we will be content.  If we can just get enough money in the bank we will be where we think contentment is.  If we can find just one more moment of thrills then we will feel alive.  If we can purchase another possession than happiness will be ours.  The people in our lives are what matters.  The moments we spend with them and the memories we create is where true contentment and happiness lies. It is thru those in our path that we see the face of God.  If you look for happiness in a location… a possession… or in an activity you will never find contentment.  Thru the eyes of Jesus, look at the face of God, in the people he puts in your life.  That’s where true happiness is found.

Romans 12:14

I Love You!


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