Keep Praying!

As she asked me to pray for her son, and his cancer, I could see the 90 year old wisdom in her eyes.  I could see the knowing.  Not hoping.  Knowing.  That prayers would be answered, and that one way or another, God would keep his promises.  I was honored!  Prayer!  Such an amazing time to talk with God, Jesus and his Spirit.  A time when the world and its’ woes are forgotten and all that matters, is our Savior.  My day starts with dialogue to my Jesus… and ends the same.  Can’t tell you how much I talk with him during the day, but it is constant.  Prayer need not be formal, as so many think.  Prayer should be, and is, a simple conversation with someone you love. Can be as simple as “thanking him” for a beautiful tree or as complex as stage four cancer.  He knows your heart but he wants to hear your voice.  He wants to know your concerns and he wants to share in your victories.  Doesn’t matter who you are, or where you come from, he hears them all just the same.  She saw me in the crowd and because my shirt said “Happy Jesus Day” she asked me to pray.  I’m still praying for her son!  Just like her… I rest in the knowledge that God will answer those prayers… to his will.   Keep Praying!! 

1 Timothy 2:1-3

I love You,


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