We have come to believe that the “rules” in scripture are for God.  The rules have to be followed in order to please God, to create salvation.  Wars and certainly arguments among Christians seem to breakout daily, based on different interpretations of the rules.  Could it be that the rules we find in scripture are for us, and not for God?  Could it be that the directions of life he laid down, are for our benefit and not his?  God and Christ do not need us to perform, in order to be pleasing!  Their love for us could not be increased by anything we do!  The guidelines of life found in the bible are to help us create a better journey for ourselves.  A better path to happiness and joy.  I encounter many people who spend a tremendous amount of time, pointing to the sins of others.   “They are living a life that is not pleasing to God”.  What gives that person the audacity to believe that one persons life is more pleasing to God than the other.  What size ego do you need, to think that your lifestyle is better than that of another?  I have friends who have multiple children.  In some cases as different as night and day.  One cooperative…one defiant.  Ask them if they love one more than the other.  The answer will always be,  “I love them equally”.  Is God’s love not deeper than that of a parent? Currently there are 45,000 different denominations of Christian Churches.  Which is right? Which is wrong? God loves them all! 

Matt. 23:4 / Acts 15:10 

I Love You!


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