It’s A Mystery!

As I spoke with him I could tell he was concerned about understanding scripture. There are thousands of interpretations of the bible. “How do we know what or who to believe?”Too be unsettled about God, faith, and scripture puts most people in a state of stress.  Because we will never fully understand the bible, or God, we have produced a bad habit of creating God to look like ourselves.  By doing so we have distorted Yahweh. We don’t like feeling uneasy so we interpret scripture and we manufacture a God that fits our mold, and makes us feel comfortable about who we are and what we believe. I have known great men of theology who knew scripture front to back, but don’t truly understand the heart of Jesus. I watch as people argue over their interpretations of verses and dismiss the human factor.  Methodist believe one thing.  Baptist another.  Church of Christ has their traditions and Catholics follow what the Pope says.  The discussions will continue until Jesus comes back, and that’s good.  So many things influence our direction from the people we call our tribe, to the preacher we listen to on Sunday.  Do you think God and his son made it so hard to understand to lead us to discussion?  To lead us to moments of pondering and self awareness?  I think he was leading us to a life of dependency on the indwelling Holy Spirit.  In the end what matters is not how right we get it.  What matters is how much we love.

I Love You!


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