The Blue Dot!

Carl Sagan, in the book Pale Blue Dot, shows that earth is but a dot in the portion of space, we have been able to explore.  We are a tiny dot in our solar system… which is a tiny dot in our galaxy… which is a tiny dot in the vastness of space. Yet every human to ever live.  Every person that loves God and that God loves… lives on this Blue Dot.  How can our minds…  even start to comprehend the power, the vastness, the complexity of our God.  He made all of this with simply a thought.  Daily we strive to put him in terms we can comprehend.  In terms that produce in us, an image, that allows us a reasonable understanding. All in an effort to gain a sense of order.  In an effort to gain a sense of security. We put God into human terms and use that as a way to create our salvation.  When God saw that our brains, as complex as he made them, could not even start to understand his ways, he decided to send his son.  Jesus… became our image. He came to this Pale Blue Dot simply to show not only the power of God, but the love of his heart. He came out of trinitarian love, for every person that will live, on this dot. To think, that a God this vast, could care about our mistakes, above our love, does not describe his complexity.  His love for us is the reason he created all this.  What an amazing God!!   Acts 17:24(msg)

I Love You!


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