My Prayer To See!

Here I am closing my eyes again.  Trying so hard, not to see, all the things that I see. Closing my eyes to the things, that are not as I think they should be.  Then here I am opening my eyes again and I see you. The love in your eyes, is the thing, that I most want to see.  I’d be willing to die, to know of a place and a time to be always with you.  Then I look into the eyes of those around me and there you are.  I say a prayer and it’s you that I see.  In everything and everyone.  I open my heart again and you come into view.  Your peace… your compassion… and I know that is how it always can be.  Your kingdom is here… is now… when our heart finds you.  When our heart becomes one with yours. Even in the middle of much hatred…much violence… you are here. When we learn to put aside judgment.  Put aside hatred of what we don’t understand. Put aside our beliefs and simply look, see, and feel with your heart, the hatred and indifference slips away. The judgement of your children simply fades into the grace that is your heart. We see others as you do… with empathy.  When we look thru your heart, at those around us, we see the image of you and your father.  We no longer see people different than us, but people who were made by you… for your glory.  Jesus train me to see as you see.  With eyes wide open and a heart of compassion.   Galatians 5:22    

I Love You!


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