Drunk On His Love!

I love, being in love, with you father.  It’s like a fine wine as it gets older.  It becomes smooth, easy and more joyful.  Daily I get drunk on your love… your grace.  It brings such joy, such peace, such understanding to my existence.  I drink it in, and allow it to move through every part of my soul.  As I come to better understand your heart… your spirit… I can taste and smell it’s aroma like that of aged wine.  I can’t imagine a minute without you.  I want each day, to know you more.  To understand you more.  To be one with you.  To rest in your warm embrace and taste the smooth sweetness of your love.  To know that you will always love me, and you will always accept me, into your embrace.  You will watch over me, and guard me, as each day brings trials.  Each day brings troubles. Each day brings tribulation.  At the end of such days you are there to greet me.  To reassure me.  To give me peace.  To grant me rest.  Father let your light shine from me, so others may desire to taste your heart, your spirit. That they may come to know the peace, only you can bestow.  When I die I don’t want to go sober.  I want to go drunk on your love… your grace.  Thank you father… for loving me even more than I love you!

Colossians 3:15 / Ephesians 3:14

I Love You!


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