It’s Not In A Book!

I could read daily, a book about Lorna, my wife.  Daily I could study, read, highlight, and outline word, after word, about my beautiful wife and still not truly understand her heart.  It is not until we have a daily intimate relationship that I came to know her… her heart… and her spirit.  So is our relationship with our Savior.  Daily I study scripture.  Daily I read book, after book, about him and his journey.  I have done that most of my life.  It was not until I felt one with him, that I truly understood his heart… his spirit.  As time passes, I spend day after day praying, contemplating, and walking by his side.  Looking to him for every answer and every direction.  After so many years of that journey, I am starting to understand and feel his heart and the way of his being.  I can feel his spirit in my life, in my heart.  From the deepest part of my soul, I feel his guidance… his love… his grace.  I rest daily knowing what he wants for me and I feel the security that comes from knowing him intimately.  So sometimes put down the scripture.  Put down the book.  Simply walk… and talk… with our Savior.  You will be amazed at everything he will reveal to you.  There is no better feeling!!

1 John 4:13

I Love You!


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