Washing Feet!

They simply did not understand.  It’s significance gets lost in OUR, everyday lives. Jesus washed their feet.  He took off his robe… adorned an apron… got on his hands and knees, then washed their calloused… dirty… stinky… feet!  Three years he had taught them.  Three years they had watched him heal… even bring people back from death.  Now the last thing they saw him do before he was crucified was wash their feet.  Why?  To show them, and to show us, what heaven is about. To show them and to show us what pure love means.  Pure unfiltered… unglamorous… sacred love is simply about humble service.  God and his Son do not have to serve us.  God, his Son, and the Holy Spirit exists without anything from us.  Yet the Trinity out of a deep love for mankind, serves us each and everyday, whether we know it or not. Each day Jesus gets on his knees and washes our feet.  He washes away the dirt, the filth, and the mistakes. We should do the same for those around us. When you practice humility by allowing others to be first.  By allowing others to feel important.  By letting them know you see them.   When you show love, regardless of who it is, you are washing feet. Then maybe… just maybe… those we serve, will catch a glimpse of heaven. 

Galatians 5:13 – 15

I Love You!


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