Jesus’ Eyes!


To have him look at me!!

Can you feel him look at you?  Do you feel the penetrating love of those eyes?  Matthew had seen him from afar.  He had witnessed miracles.  As a tax collector he wanted to know more of this man Peter called Jesus.  Then it happened!  Christ stopped and looked at Matthew with those eyes of pure love.  Eyes that do not judge… but love.  Eyes that do not condemn… but forgive.  Do you feel the same look Matthew did?  Maybe you long for Christ to look upon you?  Many days I can feel his look.  On those days humility will often bring me to my knees.  To find peace that can only come from the eyes of Jesus.  To know that he loves me.  That the Savior of the world…  the son of the living God… the creator of life… the maker of heaven and earth… the author of ALL I see… LOVES ME!!  Through all my trials, thru all my sin,  thru all my weakness, thru every good and every bad… HE LOVES ME AND HE LOVES YOU!   If you haven’t felt his look… seek it out.  It is a look that will touch the very center of your soul and bring you to your knees.  When you find it… you will never want to let it go.  You will long for the day when you will see his eyes right in front of you.

Psalms 33:18

I Love You!


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