Loving God!

Some days I see him on the corner, near our house.  His legs are so bent, he would fall over, if it weren’t for his cane.  He can’t speak. One of his hands is deformed and of not much use. To take a blessing, he has to balance on his cane, in order to use his good hand. His hair is grey… his eyes are full of love.  As I gave him some money, I prayed.  I wonder about his journey… his life.  I touch my heart and point at his, so he is aware that I love him.  He does the same, but points to the heavens.  As I drive away my heart is filled with compassion, but also with shame.  It is easy for me to love God. Wearing nice clothes, healthy limbs and an expensive truck.  Here is a man that loves God, in a life that seems to be nothing but hardship.  I wonder, if I were in his shoes, would my love for our Savior still be strong?  Would I have love for others, that could be seen in my eyes.  All my life I have lived in comfort… in blessing… in never ending joy.  We need to stop, and notice those less fortunate than we.  God puts them in our path to teach.  To teach gratitude, and to teach unending love.  I am still praying for him.  I am also praying, I don’t take one blessing in this life for granted.  After all, each blessing, is but a gift from God! 

Matthew 6:34

I Love You!


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