Loving Anyway!

As we talked…  I expressed to him the heart of our Savior.  The longer we visited, the more he become uncomfortable.  Every human, deserves our love and respect, as they are children of God. Each one made in his image… given a purpose… given a part of his spirit.   Because each person holds Christ DNA in them, we are to love them all.  He commented,  “what about the guy that steals from me”?  Jesus says give him your coat also.  “What about the guy who harms me”?  Jesus says turn the other cheek so he can hit it too.  He was struggling.  He was having trouble understanding, because the world he was raised in, taught just the opposite.   Then he commented.  “if he has done something to me, then he loses my love… my respect”.  So now we are ranking sin based on what is important to you?  Should we operate off of Christ standards… or our own?  Christ and God do not rank sin.  One is bad… the next is the same.  However, we operate from our own scale.  We see sins’ in a hierarchy.  The lie I told yesterday, could not be as bad, as the murder he committed.  It is but for the GRACE of our Savior that any of us can rest.  I for one, am so THANKFUL, that my Savior does not lose love and respect for me, because of my actions.  Matthew Chap. 5 – 7

I Love You!


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