It’s All About Jesus!

Monday! Most of us don’t like Monday! To me, it offers new hope and a chance to be back with the people, I love to work with.  However, this particular Monday, was a day full of disappointment and frustration.  There were times, I felt as though it couldn’t get any worse.  People who say they love you… but leave.  People who say they want what is best… but do not do their best. Religious leaders who reflect only the world.  Then I saw it! Our Saviors letters and the stories he left for us.  It only takes a moment to remember… it’s all about Jesus.  Doesn’t matter what others say or do.  It’s all about Jesus.  Doesn’t matter what the outcome is.  It’s all about Jesus.  Doesn’t matter that others are rude and angry.  It’s all about Jesus.  Doesn’t matter if the world likes you, or not.  It’s all about Jesus.  When the world knocks us down.  When others disappoint.  When people could care less about you.  When the world shows hatred… malice… envy…  violence and indifference.  All that matters is Jesus.  When he is front and center in your life, you will return hatred, with love.  Malice, with compassion. Envy, with sharing. Violence, with peace.  Indifference, with caring.  It’s simply all about Jesus.  What a comfort that is… in this crazy world.

Ephesians 1:20-23

I Love You!


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