Haunting Image

There is an image that haunts me at times and today was one of those days.  When this image controls my thoughts I can’t stop the tears.  I can’t stop the pain.  They spat on him.  My Jesus. The one whom I love more than anyone was spat on.  They beat him beyond recognition.  The one whom I love was beaten.  They thrust thorns into his scalp.  The one whom I love winced in pain at the thorns.  They drove nails thru his wrist, his feet.  The one I love cried out in pain because of the nails.  I cry because I can’t bare the image without hurt.  Without pain and tears.  I cry because when I say they, I really mean me.  The one I love the most endured for me.  For you.  Forgive us Lord!!!

What an amazing Savior!!

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