We Are Good!

Woke up running. Early meeting. Busy day ahead. The hours flew by. Before I knew it the day was over, and the Sun was setting.  As evening arrived and I finally got still, I took time to apologize to my Savior, for not spending time with him. I hoped he would understand. As I always do, I asked my Jesus “are we good”?  The reply he gave, to my heart, made my knees weak.  “I made a beautiful world… for you… that I have to look over!  I have millions of prayers to answer and lives to touch.  The angels surrounding me, are singing with such great beauty. All of this is happening, but my eyes are on you!  I’ve spent my day watching you. Waiting for you. Worried only about you.  Yes we are good!  We always will be.  My grace covers you. My love is never ending and my affection for you… it’s bone deep.  You have my heart… all of it.”   We have a Lord who longs to have a relationship with us.  He waits patiently for us to come to him.  For us to talk to him.  For us to give him our time…our heart. He looks to each of us, as if we were his only child.  His affection is not affected by how good we are, but is static because of how good he is. We all have busy days.  We all forget to spend time with him.  So he is waiting. Watching. Loving. 

And “yes… we are good”!   

2 John 1:3

I Love You!


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