He Laughs!

He laughs.  He lovingly laughs.  I can’t find it in scripture, but I know God lovingly laughs, at his children.  He laughs as he says – “make your plans, go ahead and nourish your dreams… your hopes… but don’t forget that I have my own plans for your life.  I have my own dreams for your future, and mine are greater than yours”.  This last year.  This last month.  This last week has given me pause to consider that even though my plans are necessary, I should always look to my father for guidance.  I should daily say “your will not mine”.  I should daily say “you lead and I will follow”.  Still I make plans.  Daily… weekly… monthly… even as a year progresses, I look to the future with every intention of fulfilling all of my hopes… my dreams. Our father loves us more than we could ever know.  When he laughs at our plans it’s because he knows what is best for us. We don’t always know why he leads to the places he does, but we must follow. We must have faith.  So make your plans. Have your dreams, but remember, when and if it changes, he is the one giving guidance.  He is the one doing what is best for you.  There are no better plans than that.

Isaiah 55:8 

I Love You!


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