The Growth Of Faith!

Faith… as described by Jesus, always involved a heart of growth.   This time of year I am amazed, as I watch everything come back to life from a state of deep sleep.  Small seeds that dropped in the fall, become towering, beautiful plants, as the sun does its job.  Faith is the same.  As we grow in our faith, it is not about deeper belief in scripture, or God.  It is more about learning to grow in the presence of God, living in our spirit, known as love.  When Christ described faith as a mustard seed.  Faith as a new wine skin.  He was talking about faith that has room for growth.  Faith that is never sitting stagnant.  We can read all the scripture we want.  We can memorize verse after verse, but if love is not produced by our faith, it is useless.  We can show up at church every time the doors are open.  We can go to every church gathering, but if love for others is not produced, it is time wasted.  During my forty seven year walk with God, I have been a part of many christian gatherings.  I have also seen many worship, and pray on Sunday, then go out into the work place and treat others with disrespect.  That is faith only in a book, or an institution, and not in our Savior.  Love.  Pure… unlimited… untarnished… faith produces the same love that our Savior had.  Love for others that is never ending. 1 John 4:20 (MSG)

I Love You!


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