Where Is Your Heart?

Where do you find your heart?  When you lay down, is your heart on worldly matters or our Savior?  I see stickers “I heart my dog” – “I heart my state” – “I heart my country”.  I see people who plan their whole lives around a celebrity as if that person can bring salvation. Still  I see others that put their hope and happiness in worldly riches.  As good as those may be, Christ wants our whole heart, mind, and spirit.  Daily I love my wife so much that I don’t see how it could get any deeper.  Then my heart reminds me,  as important as she is to me,  Jesus stands so far above.  Would you give up family… state… country… and yourself for him?   So where do you find your heart?  Where your heart lies so lies your eternity!  

Mark 12:30

I Love You!


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