Why Mary?

Mary… This time of year my thoughts can’t help but turn to her. I think of how young… how innocent she was.  I think of how brave she must have been.  How much she must have been in love with God.  I wonder?  If God ask me to do something as questionable as he asked Mary, would I be willing?  Would I throw away my reputation… my family… my people… my church?  Would I completely turn my life over to God, with my only thought being, how can I please him?  How can I help him change the world?  Not sure I could do something as drastic as Mary.  I don’t know anyone who could in todays’ world. 

She was a virgin.  She knew it.  Her boyfriend knew it.  Everyone else?  I suppose even her parents thought other wise? She was young. She was innocent. She was well respected.  Until…  Then she was frightened.  Then she was ridiculed.  Then she was not welcome.  Then she had doubts.  What a radical God we serve.  What an astonishing God that would take a young girl. Test her. Use her. Yet bless her.  All to prove to us that he is the one and only.  All to prove to us how much he loves… how much he desires to save us.  He could have simply sent an angel holding Christ in their arms.  Why a young peasant girl? Why Mary?  To show us that no matter who we are, he can use us in remarkable ways.   What an amazing way to introduce our salvation.  Jesus!!

Luke 1:38

I Love YOU!


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