Your Will Not Mine!

Do you every wonder if the way you spend your time is pleasing to God?  Lately I have been puzzled by the way I spend my time.  Everything we do in life should serve one purpose.  To bring glory to him.  If your involved in ministry, is it for your glory or his?  If you belong to a club is it to make you feel better or is it to glorify our Father?  If you have a hobby is it to make you happy or to make our Savior happy?  Many times I find myself boasting in my ministry instead of his glory.  Many times I find myself addicted to the self fulfillment of service instead of his love.  I pray that he will fill my heart with an over abundance of his love… his glory…  his presence…  Then I can truly say “ your will in every part of my life and never mine”!  

James 4:4-6

I Love You!


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