The Simplicity of God!

The sticker read: “God said it, I believe it, That settles it!!” 

Simplicity.  In a world that seems to be out of control with complexity it gives my heart peace to know that we worship a God that is so simple.  Our sinful nature has produced a world full of complexity and values that are not inline with our Lord.  Values that look to wealth above love.  Values that look to rules above integrity.  More importance is placed on  the safety of ourselves than the relationships we have with those in our path.  We live in a world that says… do not trust, do not easily forgive and above all else always look out for yourself.

God in his simplicity says “I love you… you love me… that is all that is needed.”

That simple idea gives me peace and leads to something we should all live for.

A life of unwavering trust because we know who is in charge.  Thank God it is not us!    

2 Thessalonians 3:5 

I Love You!


Merry Christmas – Trust

It is such an honor to hold him.  The light beaming from his face, as I caress his cheek, makes me proud.  As I hold him close I can feel his heart beat.  A heart that was given to save all people.  As I look into his eyes I see pure love.  I see eyes that will look at people with grace.  As I count his fingers I think of his hands and the healing they will do.  Oh  my! It’s starting to sink in.  I am the mother of the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords.  I am the mother to the son of God.  How do I do this?  How do I teach him? How do I lead him or will he lead me?  My love is so overwhelming but will I be able to  save him or will he save me?  Do I discipline him or do I trust God?  How do I do this?  Trusting God!  Just like Mary do you find yourself wondering how you can do life.  It’s simple… trust the one who gave it to you.

Luke 2:6-7

Merry Christmas and I love you!


Why Do Christmas?

This Christmas my heart has felt heavy with a burden of the things I see.   Two thousand years ago our Savior sacrificed the glories of heaven out of a deep love for us.   He come to this earth, as an infant, in order that we might have life.  As I attend Christmas parties… as I walk around Christmas displays… as I watch people scurry thru the mall… I wonder if Christ remains at the center of this holiday.  Was Jesus mentioned at your company party? Was Jesus the focus as you put lights on your house?  Did our Savior stay on your mind as you went to that Christmas celebration?  We need to remember the food, the presents, the parties and the lights mean nothing without him.  As you spend time tomorrow with family and friends don’t let a moment go by without putting him front and center.  Rest assured… you and I are front and center in his thoughts. Every minute of everyday.

Merry Christmas!


Why Did He Come?

Lately I have pondered what Christ thought as he prepared to come to earth to live with us.  As he left his heavenly home, in the comfort of his father.  As he gave up the glory of heaven to enter the womb of Mary.  He must have agonized over his horrifying death.  He must have wondered how he was going to endure the pain.  He must have thought of the times he would face temptation.  The times he would face hatred.  The times he would be disappointed in our lack of faith.  He must have smiled thinking of the times he would listen to Peter.  He laughed out loud as he saw the face of the apostles when he would calm the storm.  Then his thoughts turned to why?  Why do I have to go?  Why do I have to suffer?

Then that smile returned to his face as he thought of you… of me… LOVE!  I’m going because I love them that much.  

What an amazing Savior!  

I Love You!


Hug Day!

Thursday is hug day for me.  

Every Thursday for several years now I go by the place where our son and daughter work and I give them a hug.  Today as I hugged my amazing children I thought of how deep my love is for them.   I then thought of our God.  As much as I love my children, God loves Jesus a thousand times that.  I thought of what he must have gone thru when he give his son a hug before he sent him to save us.  I thought of how hard it must have been to send him to earth knowing the burden he would endure.  Knowing the suffering he would go thru.  Knowing the hatred he would face.  God knew as he hugged and sent his son that he would have to watch as he was beaten… tortured… spat on… crucified.  Knowing all of these things he gave him one final hug and sent him to save me!  To save you!   What an amazing God!!

1 John 4:9

I Love You!


Where Is Happiness?

We spend our lives in search of another moment of happiness.  If we can just travel to this location we will be content.  If we can just get enough money in the bank we will be where we think contentment is.  If we can find just one more moment of thrills then we will feel alive.  If we can purchase another possession than happiness will be ours.  The people in our lives are what matters.  The moments we spend with them and the memories we create is where true contentment and happiness lies. It is thru those in our path that we see the face of God.  If you look for happiness in a location… a possession… or in an activity you will never find contentment.  Thru the eyes of Jesus, look at the face of God, in the people he puts in your life.  That’s where true happiness is found.

Romans 12:14

I Love You!


A Light Of Passion!

Do you live with passion and purpose?  When you walk past someone playing the piano with skill and talent, do you stop to marvel at the gift that God has given? Do you get excited and emotional when you hear a voice sing as if it was directly from God?  Do you find joy in the amazing flavors that a good chef can add  the to the food that God provides?  Do you see a rainbow or sunset and bow to our father who made it with the touch of his hand? I pray that I will always find wonder and excitement in the everyday things that God blesses us with.  A life of passion… a life of purpose…  brings unending joy. A life of passion will produce a light in you that others will see. A light, that others will want. 

A light, that shines directly from God.

John 12:35 & 36

I Love You!