A Light Of Passion!

Do you live with passion and purpose?  When you walk past someone playing the piano with skill and talent, do you stop to marvel at the gift that God has given? Do you get excited and emotional when you hear a voice sing as if it was directly from God?  Do you find joy in the amazing flavors that a good chef can add  the to the food that God provides?  Do you see a rainbow or sunset and bow to our father who made it with the touch of his hand? I pray that I will always find wonder and excitement in the everyday things that God blesses us with.  A life of passion… a life of purpose…  brings unending joy. A life of passion will produce a light in you that others will see. A light, that others will want. 

A light, that shines directly from God.

John 12:35 & 36

I Love You!


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