Climbing The Mountain!

Do you ever have a week… or two… or five… where you wonder what went wrong?  Did the moon and stars forget to orbit? Was there a shift in the balance of nature that caused everything to go haywire?  My last two months I have felt as though satan is punching me in the head. Then I turn around and he kicks me in the crotch.  I also come to realize the change in my attitude as this happens.  What drives us to reach further and grow stronger?  What produces in us the ability to think outside the box and embrace the love of God?  Time in the valley?  Hardship? Challenges and times of despair?  Then and only then, do we turn to our better selves, we turn to God to bring the energy and tenacity we so desperately need.  If we continue to climb, and strive to move forward, we will reach a place where the valley turns into the mountain.  It’s so easy to forget that he is there. To forget that he cares and that his ways are bigger than ours.  As humans our first inclination is to wallow in self pity.  To think “why me”.  Did I do something wrong?  Has the sin in my life finally caught up with me?  Our father does not punish us because we sin.  He does not rain on our parade because he is disappointed.  He carries! He holds our hand! He wipes away the tears! So keep on climbing. Reach for the mountain.  You will discover that God is already there and he has been holding your hand thru the entire season.  Ephesians 2:18

I Love you!


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