The Dance!

Friday… is the day that we reserve for each other.  Friday is the day when we let the cares of the week scatter like leaves in the wind, and we devote our time to each other.  Her question was very simple: “Do You Love Me?”.  My beautiful wife while sitting at a red light, on a Friday afternoon, asked a simple question.  As I thought, my response was this:  “Certainly I love you.  But… my love… it goes so much deeper than that.   Our existence together is on a spiritual level.  We have truly become as one”.  When God referred to two becoming as one he was not simply talking about sex.  In fact, I think that is the least of it.  He was wanting us, as people, to become as one on a deeper spiritual level.  To move as one in a singular direction.  To become so close that our thoughts are similar.  Our actions are similar.  He wanted us, as his children, to move together as the Holy Trinity does.  In a spiritual dance.  Each as our own person but moving in-sync in a common direction.  That is what God was looking for when he said the “two shall become as one”. So it should also be with our father.  The dance, that is marriage, should also be a holy trinity with Christ at the center.  Becoming so close to him that the three move together in one direction. In the dance with Christ and the dance with each other, it takes losing yourself to gain. I will say “there is no better feeling in this world”.  

Ephesians 5:25

I Love You!


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