Too Many Angels!

Today the streets of heaven are crowded with too many angels.  This week someone very close to my heart, and a once in a lifetime friend of thirty years, went home to be with our Savior.  No warning… no preparation…  just gone.   I don’t really understand, but I’m trusting my God.  On top of that this week, we have watched as the weather took its toll, and we lost many things including animals.  I don’t understand, but I’m trusting God.  Our God uses everything for glory.  He will take my dear friends life, and her death, and use it to bless others and to forward his kingdom.  He will comfort… he will bring peace… and he will guide… as we walk thru this journey.  Without a doubt, he will find a way to use all of our lives, to bring glory to his kingdom, and further his love in this world.  I don’t understand his ways, but it is not my place to have understanding.   It is simply my place to trust.  On February 14th the streets of heaven become crowded with one too many angels.  Still I am trusting!!

Proverbs 3:5 (msg)

I Love You!


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