Let Go and Let God

I watched as she ran around the store with a look of despair.  She was simply a customer but her stress level was unmeasurable.  I wondered, as I silently prayed for her, if she ever knows peace? Does she ever let go and let God?  Do any of us?  So many times I have tried to let go and let God but I always have a plan B.  If we have a plan B are we truly trusting our father?   Why do we feel as though we always have to be in control?  Why do we always believe that things should go smoothly?  Trust…such a small word but so important.  We need to completely let go and let God.  He expects us to trust him with everything.  When we do, we will find that he has been carrying us, when we didn’t even realize it.

He Is Everywhere

Why do we focus so much on the differences in each other instead of the things we have in common?  As I sit at the airport I see so many nationalities but we all have one thing in common.  LOVE!  I watch as a whole family from China hug and are excited to see each other.  I watch as a woman from Pakistan is making sure her kids are safe.  Everyone has two legs, two feet and a head on their shoulders.  Each person is filled with the same blood and a heart to pump it.  But more than that each person carries inside them the spirit of Christ and the image of God.  When we look with our heart… with our spirit… then we see beyond the differences.  We see God and his image everywhere!

I Love You!

He Will Find Us!

I couldn’t take my eyes from them.  As I watched my grandkids play in the park I felt uneasy at the thought of them being lost or taken.  So much so that nothing else mattered at the time.  Them being with me and their safety was all that concerned me.  Then I thought of how Jesus feels about his children that are lost.  How he must worry and be consumed with grief.  I think of how much it must tear at his heart and how at times it is all that matters to him.  If my children were lost I would do anything, ANYTHING, to get them back.  So would and did our Savior  –  Its called The Cross!!

I Love You!

Knowing Me Is Not Enough

But Lord I studied your scripture daily.  I know you did son… but where is the love?  I attended your worship weekly.  I know you did… but where is the love?  But I gave more than my share of your money.  I know… but where is the love?  I worked in your fields to help.  I know… but where is the love.  None of that matters without pure, unbridled love for others. Like I give to you.  Did you do all of that simply because you love ME? That’s easy!  More important did you love my flock as much, if not more, than you loved yourself?  Without unmeasurable love for all of my children the rest is without meaning.  Why is it so hard to pass on what I freely give to you?

I Love You!

The Package

As I walked teary eyed out of a five hundred year old church in Chile I encounter a courtyard full of street entertainers wanting money to perform. I immediately thought of the money changers that Christ lashed out at. Then I wondered what he thinks of all the pretentious things we do in his name.  How we build large churches to attract souls but then offer little love. We fill them with beautiful things but we offer no acceptance. We make sure everything is just right but we don’t show the compassion of the one whom we built it for.  The lost and hungry simply want bread, no matter the package.

Humble Ourselves

As I stand beside the ocean in Chile I feel so incredibly small. Do you ever think that God made such grandeur in the oceans… the mountains… as a way to humble us? As a way to say don’t feel more important than you really are. We are to humble ourselves to each other. We are to humble ourselves before God. As we do, we will be made bigger in every way, where it counts the most. In his kingdom.

Throw Away The Box

Everything about Jesus life says… step out of your comfort zone.  His virgin birth.  His resurrection. Everything in between.  He knew no box and taught us to think differently. When others were saying hate, he was saying love.  When others wanted to fight, he said love your enemy. Do you think Peter, John and James felt comfortable when a total stranger asked them to follow?  If we are to follow… to serve, we have to throw away the box and love the unlovable.  We have to throw away the box and forgive, the unforgivable.   We have to look beyond the surface and see the heart.  We can do it but only with the spirit.  The spirit of Christ that lives within us.

See Jesus In His Children

So many times I close my eyes and I see his face. As I pray I see the face of our Savior. As I focus on his word I see his heart. Then I open my eyes and I realize… I see his face in my beautiful wife. I see his face in my children. I see his face in the homeless person on the corner. I see his face in my friends and the people I work with. We were made in his image for the purpose of showing his love… his compassion… to the world. As we share his love with those we encounter. As we share his compassion with others, we will be changed into what he intended us to be.

Haunting Image

There is an image that haunts me at times and today was one of those days.  When this image controls my thoughts I can’t stop the tears.  I can’t stop the pain.  They spat on him.  My Jesus. The one whom I love more than anyone was spat on.  They beat him beyond recognition.  The one whom I love was beaten.  They thrust thorns into his scalp.  The one whom I love winced in pain at the thorns.  They drove nails thru his wrist, his feet.  The one I love cried out in pain because of the nails.  I cry because I can’t bare the image without hurt.  Without pain and tears.  I cry because when I say they, I really mean me.  The one I love the most endured for me.  For you.  Forgive us Lord!!!

What an amazing Savior!!

God’s Timing

I often wonder about the timing of God.  A thousand years is of a day to him.  How can we ever come to understand that concept.  We pray and we want it today.  We pray and we want it to happen our way.  There are times we need to knock down the walls of our mind and open our hearts to the wonder that is our father.  We have to understand that his timing is best and his way is best.  Then at other moments, because he loves us so, he will operate on our time, in our way.  Simply to let us know how deep his affection is.  To simply say, I understand, I care, and I am always here.  What an unbelievable God!!